Great Ideas For Kids Party Entertainment

When it comes to entertaining kids there are a lot of options that can either make or break your party.  The first thing that you want to consider is that entertainment for kids san diego ca relies on interactivity.  When you have activities that allow you and your kids to interact with something then you will be able to keep their interest.  Here are a few ideas that you can use for your kid’s parties.

Face Painting

The old standby is face painting.  When we have face painters’ children can have elaborate or simple designs painted on their face.  For example, they can have a simple heart on their cheek, a rainbow or even have a fully crafted face design.  Face painters are fun to have as well since it is interactive and creative.

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Having a ventriloquist come out with different puppets children are drawn into a story.  They will get jokes, can relate to the characters presented and laugh at funny situations that they can relate to.  Parents will also enjoy watching their show as they typically don’t talk down to children and really make them feel as they are part of the show.


Jugglers are great as well.  People can see an interactive show, talent and much more.  Jugglers are typically best for outside parties and entertainment but can still be hired for indoor parties.


Everyone loves magic.  Magic tricks that are simple still astound children.  Card tricks, the magic scarf and even illusions all have their place in children’s entertainment.  When hiring a magician make sure that they tricks are age appropriate and don’t go down a lane that is too complicated.  You will also want to have your magician do interactive tricks where they will take children up on stage and make them a part of the show.

There are many different types of acts you can have for your party, take the time to really research what is possible for the best options for your age group and partygoers.