Different Adventures You May Want To Put On Your Weekend Itinerary

The weekend is a great time for you to unwind and do something out of the ordinary.  Too often many of us will fall into the same pattern of going to work and school, coming home and sitting on the couch watching television and just letting the time pass by.  Instead of doing this, why not take a chance and do something fun, something exciting and something you probably would have never done before.

Dinner Train

pinellas county florida theater train

One thing that is really cool is to go on a dinner train.  A pinellas county florida theater train is a live theater with food.  Guests will come onto the train and travel from one location to another.  During their trip they will be entertained by actors performing a play.  In some cases, this is a mystery that passengers will need to solve.

Diner Cruises

Dinner cruises are a great way to get out and have an adventure.  A dinner cruise will depart from shore and head down a river giving a tour of the area.  As the ship travels you will also be given a first-class meal with drinks.  At the end of the cruise you would have enjoyed a lovely evening with live music, a sunset view and much more.

Dinner and a Movie

Some theaters now are offering full course meals that will be delivered to your seat in the movie theater.  These meals are high class such as steak, fish and chicken.  Alcohol is also served in several of these theaters as well.  As the movie plays you can enjoy your meal as if you were home in your recliner watching a movie.

These are only a few options you may want to consider when picking something to do.  With a little research and innovative thinking, you can find some fun and unique experiences that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends.